Hi there and thanks for taking the time to check us out.  We are so happy you are here. This page is a quick introduction to The Sometimes Serious Blog and what it is we are trying to accomplish here.

A few months back Sarah and I talked about creating a blog. Something where we could write and share whatever was on our minds. We felt we had a lot to say and that we were probably not alone in our opinions. We are hoping that this is a place where other 30 somethings can come to relate and see that we are all in the same boat.
We plan to write posts about everyday things; Family, Home D├ęcor, Beauty, Fitness, Likes, Interests, Food, and whatever else we come across.
We are so excited you are here because that means you to are looking for a page like this. A page where you can come to be yourself. To know that you are not alone in this crazy life!

Want to know more about myself or Sarah?
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