Meet Sarah

The Basics:
I was a teen mom (before it was a show on MTV), married too young and ended up a divorced 20-something. I'm now a remarried 30-something (fine. 33 to be exact...) raising three kids full-time -- my two sons, ages 11 and 13 and my step-daughter, age 13 -- a fourth part-time (my 16 year old step-son), and two puppies named Titan and Percy. It's probably not unreasonable to assume we live in chaos with a family that size, but most days it's actually pretty calm. And on the other days, I find my escape in either a long run or a good book ... sometimes both.

Who Am I?
My face is one of those Resting Bitch faces so I am often misunderstood. I love running, reading, and traveling but spend the majority of my time and money watching my kids live, learn, and grow through motocross (and wouldn't have it any other way). My happy place is anywhere outdoors and I love the feel of my Hoyt Trykon Jr in my hand. I have exactly three friends, not including my husband – and am totally okay with that.  I like to think I’m a bit of a rebel - but a careful rebel -  the kind that thinks about the best course of rebellion before taking action. I’m rarely uncomfortable, fairly outgoing and can adapt easily to my surroundings. I have moments of sane rationality and also moments of pure crazy; I knew I had found 'me' the day I started owning them both.

Why Blog?
I strive to be an example of confidence, empowerment and patience in my everyday life. When I can't seem to find the right spoken words needed to be that version of myself, I resort to pen and paper. Writing comes much more easily than speaking and I have long been looking for just the right outlet for my written words. I probably should have earned an English degree but I majored in Finance instead, took a 9-to-5 - which I enjoy - but which always leaves me feeling like parts of my true talent are never used. So, when Nicole sent me a text asking for my opinion on blog names, I basically begged her to let me in as a co-blogger seeing it as a huge opportunity to put myself out there and be heard. She agreed, and now here we are embarking on this adventure that I hope will be just the right place to encourage others to be fearless in new things, and to celebrate triumphs. A place to provide encouragement as we sometimes admit defeat and a place to embrace strengths while finding acceptance in weaknesses.
Of course, there will be plenty of laughter and fun,  too! 
After all, as our name implies-- seriousness is more of a sometimes thing. ;)

 Quick Bits:
I love cats and pizza.  I believe the book is always better than the movie and never tire of Maroon 5 or Red Hot Chili Peppers. Dry humor is my favorite kind, I'm going to miss American Idol, and Brittney Spears was (who am I kidding? – still is) my hero. I have my CPL but don’t carry a pistol, take more pictures of my dogs than my kids, and I suck at staying in touch – like, really suck. Summer is my favorite season and hoodies are my favorite accessory.

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