Meet Nicole

The Basics:
I was born in California - Raised in Michigan. I am 33 and my family consists of my husband and his 11 year old daughter [Let the fun begin!] We joke that I am her evil step-mom and she is my evil step-daughter > We have a really great relationship (I know that as she gets older - and goes through 'the change' (hehe) that probably won't be the case for a while but I am enjoying her while I can) ...  We have her 3 weekends a month with 1 weekend 'off.' We also have a dog (Pepper), 2 cats (Babe & Socks), and an [indoor!] rabbit (Goldie).

Who Am I?
I had a hard time writing this section because that is a question I had asked myself for a long time.  When I turned 30 it was almost like a relief.  There was a sudden realization that I am who I am.  I was no longer on the path of who I was going to be but I had made it.  I am an opinionated, thoughtful, logical know it all.  Thankfully over time I have actually come to realize that in fact I do not know it all. But when I know it, I know it.  I’m a little bit nerdy, frugal, girly and lazy.  Sometimes I’m too much of a perfectionist and I worry too much.  But like I said, I am who I am. And I like it.
Why Blog?
Honestly blogging is not the format I initially wanted to start with. Back in Novemberish of 2014 I had started listening to podcasts.  I just had a few that had been suggested to me and each time I finished with one I would search for another.  It was hit or miss. Some were great and some were not.  I kept looking for one that I could really relate to and I wasn’t finding it.  So I wanted to create something that would be what I would want to listen to; a 30 something non-partying, non-mommy podcast. Something that touched on a lot of different topics. Some deep, some not so deep. The logistics of making a podcast were just so overwhelming and Sarah had mentioned that she wanted to do a blog. So we’ve now come together to create this blog and hopefully make something that people find interesting, informative and relatable.
Quick Bits:
I like podcasts (obviously), I love Florence & the Machine, I like all things chocolate, I am a master at Candy Crush Saga (it is what it is), I LOVE the Harry Potter books – and I actually believe that this is an instance where the movies are nearly as good as the books!, I am a TJ Maxx freak, Pigs are my favorite animal and Rainbow is my favorite color!

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