Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Crossed Paths Bracelet: A Classy Kind of 'Mushy'

The Product: Crossed Paths Bracelet

The Rating: Love, love, love

The Details:
I don't always know how to feel about Valentine's Day. On one hand, it seems unnecessary to have a designated day to let the ones you love know that you love them, but on the other hand, why the hell not?

I recently saw an ad for Wanderer Bracelets' Crossed Path Bracelet. I loved the look of the bracelet and The Crossed Path theme seemed a perfect fit, considering my boyfriend and I's story - Quick background on us: I literally crossed through the path of his work station day after day for some time before we started dating. (Little did I know what an impact those daily walk-thrus would eventually have on my life!) - and Valentine's Day was offering the perfect 'excuse' to order one!
But, is it too 'mushy',  would he even wear it??

I was willing to bet he would, picked out colors, selected our initials, and placed my order for our "his" and "hers" 'set.' Some guys do bracelets, some don't. If yours doesn't, then we're probably done here, but if yours does, this bracelet really does make for an amazing gift. - He loved it! (And, for the record, I love mine, too.) Like, really loved it- both the bracelet and the meaning behind it. We did our gifts a few days early, and he hasn't taken it off since.

The bracelet is well made and looks great - think old school friendship bracelet - but a classy, grown-up version. It comes with a pamphlet explaining the story behind the business (it's all for a good cause, which makes it an even better buy! :)), and a little card that gives you space to let that special person know what your paths crossing has meant to you. Expect to pay $24 a bracelet, you'll have several color options, be able to choose any initials you'd like, and have the option of either a tassel or a button closure (I went with tassel). - It's pretty much the perfect gift.

If you are thinking of someone who has crossed your path and inspired your direction in this life right now, let them know how important they are to you - buy them a Crossed Paths Bracelet!

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