Wednesday, October 5, 2016

We Dig It Wednesday

It's trying to turn fall around here .. And we love a good scarf.
Image Source via Pinterest
So I don't know if I'd actually WEAR this scarf. It is beautiful and colorful and so fun however... those aren't really the kind of scarves I generally wear. I think I would see this, I would love it, and I might even buy it. But when I went to wear it .. I know for sure that when I put it on and tried to wear it I would never think it 'went' with what I was wearing! That's just me. BUT this isn't 'I Would Wear It Wednesday' this is 'We Dig It Wednesday' and I DIG this scarf!
Image Source Via Pinterest
Why do I dig this scarf?
First, look at how colorful it is!! I LOVE color!
Second, it looks light and flowy, and those scarves are my favorite kind.
It may not be "fall colors" but I'd rock it all season long anyway!

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