Monday, October 3, 2016

30 Pieces for 30 Days

Hi there! About a month ago I had a friend reach out to me asking about Capsule Wardrobes. I told her I had seen them while scrolling Pinterest and had even looked into them for myself. In the end I had decided it sounded 'too boring' for me and that I like more variety in my wardrobe. She said it might be an idea for a blog post and that little seed has grown into the post you are reading now.
I've decided that I'm going to give a 'Capsule Wardrobe' a shot - Using Just The Clothes I Already Have In My Closet!

So I researched some other blog posts about capsule wardrobes. The tips, the tricks, the Rules! The idea is that you have a limited number of high end, quality pieces that can be mix and matched with each other.

Here's what I've come up with. I set my 'limit' to 30 (er, 32) pieces. This does not include Pajamas, Layering Tanks, or Shoes. I have seen some wardrobes where all or some of those things are limited and for me it just seemed like it was going to make this challenge too ... uh.. challenging.

The Shirts:
So I tried to pick shirts that could go with a few or all of the different pants I have chosen. I also am somewhat restricted by needing both casual and work attire.

The Pants:
A Dress (which I'm not sure fits!), A Skirt, and 2 Pairs of Leggings < 1 cropped & 1 regular:
A Jacket & A Sweatshirt:
I am officially starting this 'Challenge' tomorrow. I plan to take a picture each morning and share it to our Instagram & Facebook << So be sure to Follow Us!! I will do a follow up post weekly if it seems like I have something to say as I go... Otherwise I may do an overview post after the 30 days has past.

I'd love to hear your input or thoughts on this idea.  Could you cut your wardrobe back to 30 pieces?

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