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Stich Fix: Third Time's the Charm!

Are you familiar with Stitch Fix? Yes, No, Maybe? Ok Well first I'll tell you it's a clothing subscription company. I'll tell you 'My Story' and then I'll explain all of the details and if it's worth it.

So a while back I had looked into Stitch Fix. I had read about Stitch Fix on Pinterest and over at one of my fave blogs Living in Yellow. She is a big believer in Stitch Fix and just opened her 52nd Fix! I checked out the site, I created an account, filled out my Style Profile and I closed the window. I checked back and waffled and closed the window. And then finally in February 2016 I pulled the trigger.

I was so excited to get my first fix. << Here is where normally I would have a post linked BUT this was before blogging was even a thought in my mind and therefore I have nothing documented from this fix. But long story short I wasn't happy with it. I didn't love anything and I only kind of liked one thing. But I'd spent the styling fee either way and I had one of my friends buy something out of it so my money didn't go to waste.

A month went by and that same friend used my referral code to sign up. So I had a credit to use. We decided to get our fixes at the same time. We are similar sizes so we figured this gave us 10 items between the 2 of us to choose from. And by this time I had just started the blog and this was going to be a post so I have many pictures. OMG .. This fix was an absolute disaster for me. I sent everything back. I filled out my feedback explaining my absolute dispointment in the whole thing. And it was then I cancelled my future fixes and waited for SOMEONE from Stitch Fix to reach out to me. To help me to understand how I could feel so unheard. No One ever did. And I never looked back. You can see here that the items in my fix were just not right for me.

But here's where you say 'This post says Third Times the Charm so they must have won you back.' And to that I say ... Kind of. Basically what happened is that I got an email saying that my credit card info needed to be updated (the card they had on file had been replaced by my bank and I had a new number). I was not happy. You saw above I said I cancelled all my future fixes. So somehow in the computer world I had been resubscribed. Either by them or by me (maybe I hadn't unsubscribed < who knows). And if my card had been up to date I would have gotten another fix - unexepectedly.
So, I reached out to them. They apologized profusely. Finally they were hearing my previous greivence. I've read back through the emails and I *may* have been a bit harsh. However, I quickly accepted their apology and their offer to make it right. So below you are going to see my third fix and my 1st review of Stitch Fix. Yes, they comped my styling fee this time however all of the opinions are completely my own. Shall we begin? (Don't worry, I will tell you how and where to sign up after this review)

October 2016 - Stitch Fix Review
First Impressions: I thought the Market & Spruce - Diller Crochet Sleeve Knit Top would be a 'send back' because I know how that type of top lays on my chest (between my boobs) and I don't like that. I wasn't sure on the Pistola - Livca Cuffed Crop Skinny Jeans because jeans can be so finicky. Both the Daniel Rainn - Atkinson Crochet Detail Blouse & Brixon Ivy - Mange Mixed Media Crochet Back Knit Top could go either way depending on the fit. Lastly, I had a similar pair of the Toms - Del Ray Chambray Sneakers on my Pinterest board but in person I was unsure.

Market & Spruce - Diller Crochet Sleeve Knit Top - $48 - Medium - Returned
Pistola - Livca Cuffed Crop Skinny Jean - $78 - 30 - Kept
The Market & Spruce - Diller Crochet Sleeve Knit Top fit just as expected and for these pics I put a tank underneath. I actually was surprised I really liked it with the tank underneath but since we were going into fall and the best part about this top is the crochet straps I just didn't think it made sense to keep it since they'd be covered up for the next 6 months so I returned it.

I like the length and fit of the Pistola - Livca Cuffed Crop Skinny Jeans. I especially like that they are not black on the inside (like so many of my dark pants) so I can roll them up for a different look (which you will see in the other pics). These are pretty comfortable too so I will be keeping my eye out for this brand (which can be found here) on future shopping trips.

Daniel Rainn - Atkinson Crochet Detail Blouse - $68 - Medium - Returned
I had high hopes for the Daniel Rainn - Atkinson Crochet Detail Blouse. I have another blouse from Daniel Rainn that I love (it's included in my 30 Items for 30 Days Challenge). This blouse is ok but I like my blouses to be a bit less fitted. Also, this blouse is black with brown and blue details and it just came across darker than I'd like so I returned it.

Brixon Ivy - Mange Mixed Media Crochet Back Knit Top - $58 - Medium - Returned

This shirt was a huge let down. It looked like it had all the trappings to be a really awesome shirt. Cute back detail with a classic black front. Boy was I wrong. This shirt just didn't fit me well. The back is not really 'crochet' as the name says. It's not quite see-thru enough to really work as a 'surprise' back and the front was more clingy than I expected. It's kind of a sweater but not really. It just was a no-go for me. I think it might fit a more petite build.

And, Finally...
Toms - Del Ray Chambray Sneakers - $79 - 6 - Returned

Off - I did not like these at all. I like the look in the picture but in my hands .. not so much. But ON, I really liked them. They are the perfect, casual, tennis shoes for skinny jeans! I would love to own these for summer trips to amusement parks, baseball games or a fun, walking filled day of any kind. As you can see though, I decided to return these. They were the most expensive item in the box and I just couldn't bring myself to drop that kind of dough on tennis shoes. I do, however, plan to keep an eye out while shopping at T.J. Maxx, Marshalls and Nordstrom Rack. These are just the types of shoes I see there all the time!

So there you have it. My 3rd Stitch Fix and finally I feel heard! While I didn't keep all of the items they were all so close to the mark that I feel with a few more Fixes my stylist will really know me.

So, now to the important question: Is It Worth It?

This answer is two fold. For me: Not really. I really love the surprise of getting a package with goodies picked just for me. However, I also really love shopping. And on top of that, finding the 'deal.' As I've mentioned before, I am pretty frugal and I like to finding good deals and then splurging on them. But for you -Ask yourself: Do you not like to shop? Do you have trouble knowing what's in style? Do you not have the time to shop? Then I say that Stitch Fix may be for you. I definitely think it's worth trying. And even with loving shopping and finding deals, I might do it again because I love surprises and they have such cute stuff!

So how's it work??
  • Fill out your style profile - This is where you include your sizing, build, likes, dislikes. I suggest you be really descriptive. How else will they know you?
  • Schedule your first fix! You will be charged the $20 styling fee up front however if you keep (at least) 1 of the items the $20 goes towards the final total.
  • The Fun Part! Your fix is delivered. You have 3 business days to decide what to keep & what to send back. If you love everything you actually receive 25% the entire fix!
  • Once you complete your fix & return your unwanted items your card is charged the additional amount owed. The best part about Stitch Fix is that you choose how often you receive fixes! You can sign up for automatic fixes every 2-3 weeks, monthly, bi-monthly, Quarterly. Or you can just request one whenever you'd like.
It's really that easy! So what do you think? Do you want to try it? Do it! And share your results with us! Can't wait to see what you get!

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