Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Please, for-the-Love-of Our Nation - Think Before You Meme

As we all are well aware by now, we are facing a very big decision next month. This is a decision that causes me to lose trust in any person that thinks either option is a sure thing. Let’s be honest here, neither Trump nor Clinton is the kind of stand up citizen we can admire or brag about as our leader. But, somehow we got ourselves into this situation and we have no choice but to see it through – as my mom would say: you made your bed, now you must lie in it.

As we find ourselves lying in this scandalous, muddy, and depressing shell of a bed, our social media is full – overfilled with ‘facts’. I can’t believe I am using that word, even in air quotes; it’s a word so inferior to what is being used that I feel I am doing actual facts an injustice by using it. Nicole popped our political cherry a few weeks back with her piece expressing support for Hillary Clinton, I don’t disagree with her, but today I am not here to speak for any particular candidate, I am here to speak out against memes.

I’m not talking about the kinds of memes where you can relate, and you laugh, or the adorable kitten just waking up is totally you or totally your bff in the mornings and you HAVE to share that shit or else the moment will pass and the world may never know who you would be if you were a cat? - Share those memes, share the shit out of them. That’s funny stuff, and that makes the world a more fun place to be.

Cute, funny, and relatable = Thumbs up!
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Bad words are not the problem, and men are not using women's restrooms.
It’s the memes that contain grossly skewed statistics and the opinions of ignorant ranters, and pure hear-say. The ones about gun control, and health insurance, and abortion and all of those hot topics. – Stop sharing the shit out of those (especially if they have typos!). Seriously, Do you fact check those memes? Do you?? Where do you fact check? – Do you consider that even your fact checking source could be biased? Do you search the ‘other side’ of the issue and notice comparison stats? My guess is no. My guess is that you saw a meme in your feed. YOUR feed; shared with people of a similar mind-set as your own - people whose fact checking game is also non-existent. It’s so easy to jump on bandwagons, especially the really crowded ones – and so you do. With zero effort or research of your own, you hitch a ride and never look back. This does not seem like a legitimate way to decide which way to vote for President of the United States. Just sayin’.

That's a lot of numbers - with exactly zero sources listed.
Another thing to think about before sharing that ridiculously petty meme: Double standards don’t make either side of the situation okay! Let me repeat that again – just because someone did it before, doesn’t make it being done again okay. Or, just because one person does a thing, doesn’t make it right for the other. Ever heard the expression ‘Two wrongs don’t make a right?’ – This includes, but is not limited to: lying under oath, lewd behavior, sex acts, bucking the blame, avoiding laws and proper punishments - and the list goes on and on and on.

Still Wrong: Name calling does not fix name calling. Source
When did this become a game of accepting dreadful behaviors just because they have been accepted in the past?? I think we can all agree (well probably not, but let’s try) that there are many things in our past that, at the time, were ‘acceptable’ but have since been realized as an unacceptable practice or behavior. If this concept escapes you, I encourage you to pick up a history book, or ask a grandparent. Hell, ask a parent - times are a changin’ and your memes about the good ol’ days of racism and sexism aren’t going to stop it.
Consent: verb - to give permission. Source

On a related but separate note – ANY meme that suggests it is easy to come forward about sexual assault, or that a woman should not be believed if she waited to come forward is absolutely preposterous and is exactly the type of attitude that allows rape culture to continue to flourish. If you have shared such a meme, you should be ashamed and embarrassed. I take personal offense to these ones, not because I have been assaulted, but because I am a decent human being - You should try it sometime. And since we are here, there is a HUGE difference between the Fifty Shades of Gray Books and unwanted sexual advancements – it’s called CONSENT, please familiarize yourself with it.

Now, let’s try something new – let’s only share memes about the positive things these candidates have done. Will there be a lot less meme’s floating around, I’m thinking yes. Because, sadly, it seems much easier and more exciting for our population to dig up the bad about everything and everybody; unfortunately, we really love to point out failures over successes. Wouldn’t it make more sense to stop focusing on picking the better of two evils and start looking to vote for someone who will stand up for America and, aside from their personal misdoings (because they are human and humans aren’t perfect), will use the next four or more years to make us proud?

Let's choose to be VICTORS.
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Please let’s make memes from FACTS and/or experience – although since I’m pretty sure President Obama is not reading ‘Sometimes Serious’, and it’s safe to say we have exactly zero experience in running a country and should probably just sit the hell down – restricting meme making to qualified meme makers may be an unrealistic expectation. And alas, it is a free country and so, qualified or not, memes will continue to be generated. Maybe we can just promise each other to at least think about our memes and consider the impact it could have? After reflecting for a moment on these points, if you still feel that it is information pertinent to the selection of our Commander In Chief, and that it is indeed factual - please do post. I could really, really, use something solid to base my final decision on. Because Willy Wonka’s face typed over with some expression of the perceived stupidity of republicans or hypocrisy of democrats just isn’t enough to convince me either way.


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