Wednesday, September 21, 2016

We Dig It Wednesday

- Whatever that means -
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So my favorite season is fall - Not for the weather (like a lot of people) but for the warm toasty décor that you get to have out! I love Thanksgiving and especially hosting so I love getting my house all done up in fall décor. Last year was the very first year that I went 'all out' ... And it will not be the last! I have all my fall stuff brought up from the basement and ready to be put on display (I'll share some pics over on Instagram when I've got everything up! < So follow us!) So for me THIS is Fall!
Image Source Via Pinterest

 Fall for me means hoodies, football, and hunting.
Fall is not my favorite season, but only because that means winter (gross!) is right around the corner.
But, I do LOVE hoodies.
I'm not a huge fan of football but having a son who is means dedicating hours upon hours of my life to transportation for practices, pep talks, team building parties, and games.
Hunting means one of two things: either I'm in a tree or I have alone time because my husband is up in his tree - either way, I dig it.
So, THIS is Fall for me!

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