Wednesday, September 14, 2016

We Dig It Wednesday


I love cats. 
However, allergies in my house force me to only love them from afar. 
So, we have dogs. ... the cutest dogs in the whole world. 
Meet Percy (top), an American Terrier and Rhodesian Ridgeback mix - and Titan (bottom), a mutt.
These two fur-souls have given everyone in my family a true best friend. They share their love and protection to the fullest every single day. - I dig that.

This is Pepper. This is our dog.
I got Pepper a while back (in 2007) when she was a bitty puppy. During my divorce there was a point where I offered her to my ex husband. And even a point where I considered giving her up as I wasn't giving her the time and attention she deserved. But we made it through it. Together.
And now here we are. A family of 4.
These pics are from our wedding day. She walked down the aisle with my husband when he walked down with his daughter. She came back and walked down the aisle with me. She LAID DOWN with us during the ceremony and then she walked down the aisle with us as husband and wife. None of this was planned or orchestrated. Because we had the wedding and reception at our home the only thing we planned was that she could roam free. And she chose to take part in the days festivities.
SHE is the cutest dog (not Sarah's :P) .... And I'm pretty sure she thinks that being soft is as important as being good as they always go hand in hand when I'm praising her!
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