Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Porch Swing Makeover! A DIY by a Non-DIYer

So when I met my husband he already owned the home that we live in now. In fact, he built it. That means that we will never move. Ever. And honestly, with a view like this:

why would we? Okay that's a bit of a tangent already. So now to the point of this post. He had some things already that he picked out. And one of those things is the porch swing. When he bought this swing it looked something like this:
And before the makeover it looked like this:
A bit tired and worn out. Now I am not all that skilled in the DIY stuff however, as I mentioned above this was something my husband already had .. And that means I can't as easily get rid of it. He 'picked it out' and that means he likes it. So I had little choice but to try to freshen it up. I searched Pinterest high and low for examples of a made over porch swing like ours. And I found nothing. And I am a master pinterester so if I couldn't find it you can trust that it is very unlikely to be found. So I had to wing it. Because of that I was left to venture into DIY land blind. This was a two step process.

Step 1: Staining

Here are the 'tools' I used:

First I laid out a drop cloth .. So my husband wouldn't have a cow. (And with good reason as you can see in later pictures - drips galore!) Then I just started 'painting' on the stain.
So this didn't take too long. But it was messy! And you can see here why I wish I would have splurged for better gloves! But sometimes you just use what you have. Oh, and there's a good shot of the brush I used as well.
So there you can see the first 'finished product. This is post-stain but pre-polyurethane. I liked it as it was but I knew I wanted to be sure to seal it so that it didn't look just as trashed as before in a years time. And this is also where the 'sanding' came into play.

Step 2: Sanding & Sealing

So I was hoping that with sanding I could get some of the natural wood to shine through the dark walnut stain. But being a novice and a CHICKEN I was worried about ruining the staining I had just done (a week earlier). So I sanded it all over and I could see some of the wood showing through, and also I could see the wood grain more - which I liked.
You can see here that it looks a bit lighter and you can see the wood grain more.  Now this is where I would make a change to what I did - What I was hoping is that after urethaning that the grain would have really shined through. Unfortunately that's not exactly how it went. I do love the after results still. It looks sharp. However if I had gone with a heavier grain sandpaper I know that I would have gotten more of a rustic look which is more what I was after.
So that's that. It wasn't all that difficult and the results are pretty drastic if you ask me.
Bench Cushion & Pillows from Target
And we didn't even talk about the cushions & pillows I ordered from Target to complete the look! Turns out this swing was special as it is extra wide! So that was a challenge in itself not to mention finding a pattern I liked at a price I wasn't shocked by!

And it turns out Babe likes it too!

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  1. Looks great! On some of my projects I've used the premixed stain/polyurethane , with sanding between coats.


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