Friday, September 23, 2016

#31DayChallenge - Overview
To say this challenge wasn't easy would be an understatement.
Firstly, it was VERY time consuming ... especially for us because we already do daily posts Monday through Friday! So we definitely underestimated the amount of time this would take us.
Secondly, it didn't help that as the days went on they got harder and harder ... Some of these days were truly a challenge - They required us to dig deep and put ourselves out there. We promised to be honest and sometimes being honest is exhausting.
But on the bright side we feel that now you know US. You know some of our dirty secrets, you know our likes, dislikes and all of the inbetween. In this post, below you will find links to each of the days. We hope that if you missed any days you will check them out .. And also, there are a couple days that WE missed and they will also be linked below. Have fun reading all about us AND remember we'd love to hear from you ...

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