Wednesday, August 10, 2016

We Dig It Wednesday
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First - I dig the Olympics.
Like most every one else, we have tuned in to this year's events every night it's been on in my house.
Second, I most dig the gymnastics events - especially the floor routines! 
The mixture of dance and tumbling has always entertained me and the strength these athletes display is beyond admirable!!
 So in the spirit of the Olympics I suggested that we do our We Dig It on our favorite event.... And what does Sarah do? PICK MINE! ... I used to do gymnastics and I remember having my mom tape (yes, tape) the 92' Olympics Gymnastic events and I watched them over and over. I could not get enough.  And that is still true, however it's a lot harder now that I'm a 'grown up' and have to work .. It seems like everything I want to see is when I'm working! No Fair!
But as I said on Day 2 of our 31 Day Blog Challenge - I am a sucker for a feel good sports movie.... And the Olympics can be a real life version of that ... I dig an underdog .. And I LOVE all records being broken! I just can't believe that the records can still be broken ... How can these athletes go any faster than they already have for the past 100 years! It amazes me!
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