Wednesday, August 3, 2016

We Dig It Wednesday

Because JEANS, that's why....
Image Via Pinterest
Let's be real - I can't afford these - but a girl can dream, right?? 
I LOVE embellished pockets and the white stitching is just
the contrast needed to make your booty pop!
Rock Revival sure do know what they're doing.
*sigh* Maybe someday...
Image Source via Pinterest

Finally a We Dig It where Sarah and I actually don't agree (completely) ... I am not a big fan of the embellished or flashy jeans. But I absolutely LOVE the relaxed look of distressed jeans .... I may or may not be too old to pull these off but regardless I just can't stop pinning them! These jeans in particular fit like jeans should fit! Totally 'dig' them!
We'd LOVE to see your picks!
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