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Swimsuit Shopping After 30 - 5 Tips To Ease The Pain remember way back when. When I couldn’t wait for swimsuit season. So many colors and styles to choose from and every suit had potential. But, all I really needed were a few strategically placed triangles held together by ridiculously tiny strings and I was off. I had piles of these. I ordered them online, bought them in person, and barrowed them from friends. Every trip planned to the pool or beach was eagerly paired with a shopping trip. Money was no object and swimsuits were addicting…

Well, in case you have ever wondered what a cured swimsuit addict looks like -- it looks a lot like me at 33.
At 20 I wanted attention; in my 30s I want comfort. However, I don’t want to trade comfort for a complete lack of style. I’m only 33 after all. 

As I brows suits, it seems there are only two categories out there … 25 and under & 40 and over. If you choose to abandon the strings and triangles of your youth for the sophisticated suit of your future, you are faced with a full-coverage, cleavage squashing, plain colored, one-piece with leg holes cut out in a shape that does nothing more than squeeze your extra butt fat out the bottom. C’mon now, there has to be a happy medium. 

And I was determined to find it. So, after a few shopping trips and a little soul searching, I finally found the suit and the confidence I needed to enjoy the beach this summer. Now it’s your turn, so let the shopping begin…
First off, Be real:

I’m not entirely unhappy with my body but, I’m not entirely happy with it either. I carried two babies and love pizza but I run and I eat fruit for breakfast so I figure my healthy size 10 figure isn’t something I should get too discouraged with. I have a nice ass, an athletic upper body and back, tiny boobs, thick thighs and decent legs.

Being over 30 means being old enough to admit and accept these things and to keep it real when choosing what to emphasize and what to hide, so -- taking into consideration the above body analysis --  ass equals flaunt it, thighs equal maybe don’t flaunt those.

A super cute cut-out suit, while some of my favorites to pin, just aren’t going to flatter a body that is more pudge than curve and those adorable low cut sporty tops just don’t do anything for a small bust. This doesn’t make my body a bad body, it just makes it a body that isn’t flattered by cut-outs or sports bras. 

Own these realizations and take them to the fitting room with you. The goal is to be comfortable and functional and to look good - not to shove a self-conscious, uncomfortable version of yourself into the newest runway fad
Secondly, don’t Discriminate:

Try on various styles – so what? You’ve never worn a skirt bottom or a tankini before – if you have great legs but want to hide your thighs or love your bottom half but would rather cover your stomach, why not give one of these a try? What’s the worst that can happen – you won’t like it? So what, try something else.

Maybe red has never been your favorite color but that push-up top is just what you need to rock some beach-cleavage, go ahead try it on. Maybe red won’t be so bad after all. Didn’t think you were quite ready to throw in the bikini towel but kind of want to try that adorable crochet one-piece on the rack? DO IT! You just might love it.

And equally important: if and/or when you try something new and it doesn’t work, don’t let it get to you. Remind yourself that it doesn’t make your body a bad body, it just makes it a body that doesn’t work in that particular style.

Third, Size is just a Number:

A number you should pay exactly zero attention to. Most women know what “size” they are. I even referenced my “size” above. I’m a 10. But, what does that even mean?? Well, nothing really. Pay no attention to these useless labels while deciding which suit to take into the dressing room. Hold it up, does it look like it will fit – don’t look at that tag – just tell me if it looks like it will fit. 

If so, try it on. … I don’t care if the tag says large when you usually wear medium. No one is going to see that tag, and quite frankly no one cares. Except you. So, stop caring.

Fourth, Pick the Right Store:

What store is the right store you ask? Depends on your style and your budget. Don’t strut into Macy’s on a Walmart budget and fall in love with a suit that will have you stressing about how you’re going to feed your family for the next 3 months – because money is an object, you’re 30 now, remember? If you don’t look, you will never know what you missed and I am confidant you will still find the suit that suits you at a store with a price tag more your style. 

If you’re on a Macy’s budget, go for it, spend your little heart out, they have some amazingly cute stuff, but don’t dis Walmart – it just might be worth looking there – they’ve come a long way in their swimsuit options and no one will see that OP tag anyway. 

Lastly, Don’t take a Friend:

Or a husband, or a neighbor … or anyone. When you leave the store carrying your final selections you must have picked them for no one other than yourself. Only then will you feel comfortable with your choice. best friend or neighbor has the very best intentions when she talks you into the bright colored two-piece with white stitching and it likely does look great on you. But, if bright colors and white stitching aren’t your thing, once you’re out on your own the hesitation will set in and you’ll wish you had taken into consideration your own opinion – something we often forget to do when seeking thumbs up from another person.

Your husband loves your body… even when it’s squished into all the wrong shapes or put to the test in a daring g-string bottom. This doesn’t mean you will feel comfortable showing your bare ass to the world while frolicking on the beach with your dogs or building sand castles with your children. Don’t let him (or anyone) talk you into a suit. Go on your own, take your time, and buy the suit that YOU love. 

Summer is already two-thirds of the way over and I have just now found the courage to buy a suit (hence, the reason for a summer post so late in the season). Don’t be me; stop putting it off. Fall will be here soon enough and we can all hide under our jeans and hoodies again. But until then: Go, Buy a suit, Rock that suit, and enjoy the rest of your summer!

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