Tuesday, August 9, 2016

31 Day Blog Challenge - Day 9: Piercings and Tattoos

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Piercings and Tattoos
 Clearly, there was a time when I fancied butterflies and tribal 'art'... 

Tiny butterfly on my right shoulder
Tribal heart design on my left arm
Tribal-ish butterfly on my left hip
The letter "H" (both of my kids' names start with an "H") outlined in yet another tribal design on the top of my right foot.
-- All done between the ages of 18 and 23

Do I regret any of them? Nope. Although, if I were to start with a clean slate now, I'd probably lean more toward keys and words.

Two in each of my ears, the first pair when I was just a baby and the second as a teenager.
My belly button, which I begged my mom to sign permission for at the age of 16. 
She gave in, and it was fun for a awhile but I haven't worn any belly button jewelry in probably 10 years now. 
Oh, and I had my tongue pierced for two days once. It swelled up so big I couldn't even eat ice cream, I wasn't okay with that. So, I took it out.
So I was not quite as gutsy as Sarah .. I only have 2 tattoos...

I got the top one - We'll call it 'Tribal Heart' the week I turned 18 (or somewhere right around there) .. And yes, that is a tramp stamp. And the other is a symbol that I often don't tell people what it is .. just for the fun of making them wonder. I have only had TWO people ever know exactly what it was AND they were able to name exactly where I got it from. In honor of this challenge I will share the secret with you today.  I used to watch a little show called Smallville ... and if you are unfamiliar .. That show is based on the teen years and young adulthood of Superman .. yes... nerdy. So, this symbol is cryptonian. And it means transference - however I just picked it because I liked the look of it.
So that's that. I also have my ears pierced twice in the normal places and 1 up top in the cartilage. And like Sarah, I had to have my belly button pierced, although I was forced to wait until 18 as that was just another thing that my parents would not allow (along with a cell phone and a tattoo!)
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