Sunday, August 28, 2016

31 Day Blog Challenge - Day 28: Last Time I Cried

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Last Time I Cried
August 20, 2016 my little brother's wedding.

First of all, Sarah - that's cheating! Lol ... Too easy. ;) I could make mine that easy ... Because in fact I attended a wedding yesterday. However it was not the nuptials that did it to me. It was my very sweet and cute and lovey nieces! They are so sweet and innocent and pure. And it breaks my heart every single time I see them or spend time with them. They have had a rough last few years. And it just saddens me (to tears - or watery eyes at least [I so rarely 'cry']) because they deserve so much more. I just can't understand how anyone can look at them and not want to spend every second with them :'(

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