Friday, August 19, 2016

31 Day Blog Challenge - Day 19: My Worst Habits

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My Worst Habits 
  1. Picking at/touching my face.
    • I have no explanation for it and no matter how hard I try to fight it, I touch my face - all the time. Sometimes it's a scratch (even though it doesn't itch), sometimes I rub my lips, sometimes I rub my forehead, and if I'm nervous I pick at my chin. So weird, right??
  2. Piling my not dirty, but not clean clothes everywhere.
    • I have these piles of clothes - they aren't exactly dirty, but they aren't clean either. It's a pair of jeans I only wore for a few hours or a hoodie that I only wore for my morning commute. I don't want to wash them again but I can't bring myself to hang them back up with the clothes that haven't been touched since their last wash. Soooo, I make a pile thinking I'll wear them again soon. And then I don't. I wear a different pair of jeans for a few hours and because they can't go back in the closet but can't touch the other not-dirty-but-not-clean jeans, I start another pile ... and this happens until I have little piles of clothes everywhere in my bedroom and master bath. Quite frankly, it annoys me - but I can't seem to stop!
So I'd guess that this is going to be pretty obvious but I'll say it anyways.
  1. My VERY WORST HABIT is Procrastination!
    • Take this post for example: We like these to post at 8 am each morning. And to do that we usually work on them in advance and then schedule them. So ... Tell me... What time did this post today? Oh, as I type now, it is 9:20! .. So I procrastinated. Again. It doesn't matter how much time is left or when I need to do something ... I ALWAYS [think] I have 5 more minutes! It is so incredibly aggravating. Not only to me I'm sure. I am late far more often than on time - Don't even talk about being early!
  2. And my 2nd worst habit goes hand in hand with procrastinating, and that is LAZINESS!
    • My thoughts: 'I will work out, I will make dinner, I will clean, I will put away laundry' It goes on and on. And then ... what happens. Nothing. It's an evil combination.

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