Tuesday, August 16, 2016

31 Day Blog Challenge - Day 16: Dream Job

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Dream Job
Does not having a job count as a 'dream job'?? ;)
For real though, jobs take up way too much of our time. Who decided the 'work week' should be five days long and the 'weekend' only two? I feel like that's totally backwards. Think of all the living we could be getting done in the 40 (on average) hours a week we spend at work!
So, on that note, I guess my 'dream job' would be to travel. Is that even a job? 
I found a list of 33 options that says it is (33 Best Travel Jobs to Make Money Traveling).
I choose 'Virtual Assistant' with a side of 'Travel Blogger' because when you're talking dream-fulfilling, why have only one?
My dream job has got to be something to do shopping, assisting, maybe traveling, and working 9-3. So ideally an Assistant Buyer that must travel to the vendors. And the vendors only take meetings between 9-3. Well, that was easy. So ... If you know of a position like this .. Please email me with the information.

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