Sunday, August 14, 2016

31 Day Blog Challenge - Day 14: What Is In My Handbag?

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 What Is In My Handbag?

This would have been way more fun had I been asked to display the contents of my "handbag" a few years ago. I used to carry a huge purse full of ... well, just stuff.
These days I roll a little lighter and will only consider purchasing a small cross-body 'handbag' to carry only necessary items.

So here we go:

The Bag:
A slightly edgy Dana Buchman brand cross-body I bought at Kohls.

The Contents:
  • A wallet
  • A cheap aluminum card holder for medical info
  • Lady necessities
  • Pens
  • Lighter (I didn't even know that was in there but it could come in handy - you never know).
  • Proof of insurance
  • A MC Sports receipt (thanks football season for breaking my bank)
  • A referral card for my dentist
  • A few other random items
and, of course,
  • A million 'rewards program cards' - I don't even join anymore if they make me carry a card -  the savings is never enough to make up for the hassle of digging that damn thing out.
  Yep, that's about it ... practical and predictable - the story of my life these days. ;)

My purse is full. Always. Even when I clean it out and start over it always seems overstuffed. I usually switch purses twice a year. In the spring and fall. Currently I have a Fossil brown leather smallish purse (bought on eBay for less than half a new one would cost). I like it but I will be switching soon (actually now, since I just dumped my whole purse out!). It's just not quite big enough for my liking.

And on the inside you'd find: A wallet, my glasses, my canon camera (not usually in there - just in since my vacation 3 weeks ago), an anniversary card that we got over memorial weekend, a cord to charge my nook (that I just got), 3 random dollars and a 5 dollar bill, my old license (renewed on July 20th), 2 chapsticks, 2 glosses, a pen, keychain with all the store loyalty cards, a stack of store loyalty cards, my cars title, bills & receipts, lady stuff, a chain to a clutch I took to a wedding in May, links from my watch, and tweezers that I probably use daily for pesky facial hairs! Like I said, it's a lot. But I need it all ;)

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