Friday, July 29, 2016

21 Day Arm Sculpting Challenge - Does It Work?

You may remember a previous post where I spent 30 days attempting to thin my thighs. (Wondering how that worked out? Check it out here.) In that post, I promised the results of a 21 Day Arm Sculpting Challenge next. Well, I happen to take promises pretty seriously and am here to deliver. This gem of a challenge was discovered via Pinterest originating from
Image Source Via Pinterest
Start Date: May 23rd 2016
End Date: June 12th 2016

Just as before, I ran regularly during the duration of this challenge but I did not record the details since arms were the focus this time, not legs.
-I decided to use 5lb dumb bells as suggested by However, I would recommend 3lbs for anyone just starting out. I lift on occasion and have always had strong-ish arms and, even for me, 5lbs was a real challenge in the first week and at times thereafter. For someone with less arm strength, it may be hard to maintain correct form with 5lb dumb bells.

-You’re going to feel this one, or at least I did. The bent over reverse fly was especially challenging.  If ever I thought about quitting it was because of these.

-Timewise, I allowed 15 minutes a day to complete these sets.

I’m afraid that 21 days just isn’t enough time to see noticeable results, however, I do feel stronger. I really enjoyed this set of arm exercises and will probably continue to do these sets on a regular basis. I like the variation in muscles worked and I kind of like the soreness on rest days, it makes me feel like I’m getting somewhere. I think that saying goes something like “no pain, no gain.” So, I like to feel a little pain.
But, back to the pledge I made in my original challenge - to deliver unedited and honest results:  In my case, the claim that following this routine for just 21 days will result in visibly toned arms is FALSE.

Next Time:
I’m kind of digging the fitness challenges right now and I used to love jump roping as a kid so why not combine the two? Join me next time for the results of the 21Day Jump Rope Challenge I recently pinned.
P.S. Although I am enjoying the fitness challenges, I am not limiting myself to fitness only and will always be open to suggestions. Is there a challenge you’ve been wondering about??  Tell me about it, I’ll do the ‘dirty work’ so you don’t have to! Send us an email or Reach out to us below!!

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