Wednesday, April 27, 2016

We Dig It Wednesday

BCBG Magie Flats

These may not look like anything special but they are my faves.
I might be the only one but when I try on flats they always seem to point my toes in a weird way that makes it look like my feet are too big for them!
But that is not the case with these ones. 
I originally found all 3 of these ‘New’ on eBay. And I like them so much that I actually just ordered another pair on Amazon! (which is saying a lot because I am a cheapskate!)
So needless to say: I dig them!
I actually dig BCBG shoes in general and have tons of pairs J

Columbia Solid Fleece Jacket

I currently have three of these Columbia fleece jackets, in three different colors,
and plan to order at least one more during 'end of the season' sales.
Dressy enough to keep the chill away at work, and casual enough to wear with jeans afterward.
Super comfy and it comes in so many fun colors - I dig it!
(Get one for yourself here.)

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