Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Dare to Hair (A Note on Risk and Expression)

http://www.sometimes-serious.com/2016/04/dare-to-hair-note-on-risk-and-expression.htmlRemember the rebel inside me that I told you all about? (No? Read our 'About Us' post here.) Well, I had one of those moments this past weekend. See, I have always teetered somewhere on the line between longing for gorgeous caramel colored starlet curls and daring to rock a playful, slightly trashy, hot mess. For a long time I settled with foils on top and a dark underneath (I even went for black, actual black, underneath once; I told you I can be a rebel.) in order to inconspicuously skate that line. This look is cute and fun and I embraced it when I had it, but it just wasn't quite 'The One' for me. So, this past weekend I decided to combine all that I've ever wanted and went for a trashy platinum blonde faded into a gorgeous caramel with a playful deep red/purple underneath, curled into loose ringlets. The result? Pure Brilliance and Pure Me. 💜


But, that's not all;  the girl-child wanted in on the fun, so I brought her with me. She's 13 and has thick, long, dirty blonde hair that we have only ever highlighted before now. She too wasn't satisfied; she's a strong-willed, expressive little motocross racing bad-ass, and the bland highlights just weren't cutting it. Her new hair pick? -- Back to her natural on top with a vibrant teal underneath. And, of course, curls. The result? Pure Brilliance and Pure Her. 💚

Equipped with our new curls, I'm pretty certain we are capable of world domination. But, for today I'll settle for spreading an encouraging note about risk and expression: If you feel it and you love it, then own it and rock the $hit out of it.

After all,


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