Friday, April 1, 2016

About Us

We want to use this post to introduce ourselves to our readers.  Our plan is write posts that are interesting, motivating, and funny.  Occasionally we may dive into some more serious topics.

Who Am I?
I had a hard time writing this section because that is a question I had asked myself for a long time.  When I turned 30 it was almost like a relief.  There was a sudden realization that I am who I am.  I was no longer on the path of who I was going to be but I had made it.  I am an opinionated, thoughtful, logical know it all.  Thankfully over time I have actually come to realize that in fact I do not know it all. But when I know it, I know it.  I’m a little bit nerdy, frugal, girly and lazy.  Sometimes I’m too much of a perfectionist and I worry too much.  But like I said, I am who I am. And I like it.
Why Blog?
Honestly blogging is not the format I initially wanted to start with. About a year ago I had started listening to podcasts.  I just had a few that had been suggested to me and each time I finished with one I would search for another.  It was hit or miss. Some were great and some were not.  I kept looking for one that I could really relate to and I wasn’t finding it.  So I wanted to create something that would be what I would want to listen to; a 30 something non-partying, non-mommy podcast. Something that touched on a lot of different topics. Some deep, some not so deep. The logistics of making a podcast were just so overwhelming and Sarah had mentioned that she wanted to do a blog. So we’ve now come together to create this blog and hopefully make something that people find interesting, informative and relatable.
Quick Bits:
I like podcasts (obviously), I love Florence & the Machine, I like all things chocolate, I am a master at Candy Crush Saga (it is what it is), I LOVE the Harry Potter books – and I actually believe that this is an instance where the movies are nearly as good as the books!, I am a TJ Maxx freak, Pigs are my favorite animal and Rainbow is my favorite color!

Who Am I?
Isn't it funny how you can think you have you all figured out - and then you change. Something, or someone happens and it changes you. You start to see things differently, and you feel things differently, and then, for another minute or two, you have you all figured out, again - until you don't.
That was the story of my 2017.

So, who am I now?
I'm an, almost, 35 year old mother to both human and fur kids. I'm a runner, currently training for my longest run to-date (25k this May). I'm fairly outgoing, and few situations make me uncomfortable. I try hard to be a women that stands up against, and doesn't take any shit. But really, I think I've just gotten better at recognizing it, and shielding myself. I'm hard working and no-nonsense. I have a lot of opinions, and can get pretty riled up when I tell stories, I'm sometimes quick to jump to conclusions, and admittedly too judgmental. I'm also a people watcher, and pretty open-minded (Yes, I'm aware those are contradicting traits, I've learned to accept that about myself.). If I write something on my calendar, it becomes a must do, and I can get a bit obsessive about completing lists. I have changed a lot in the last year, and I don't think I'm done yet. I used to fear not being able to pin point 'who I am', - Instead, these days, I'm thankful that I can forever change who I am and still have a chance to live up to my own expectations.  

Why Blog?
I'm not really into New Years Resolutions, but I've given myself two goals for this year - one, get back to blogging, and two, become more self aware.
Plus, we really should finish what we started, and I miss working with Nicole.

 Quick Bits:
I love cats and pizza.  I believe the book is always better than the movie and never tire of Maroon 5 or Red Hot Chili Peppers. Dry humor is my favorite kind, I'm going to miss American Idol, and Brittney Spears was (who am I kidding? – still is) my hero. I have my CPL but don’t carry a pistol, take more pictures of my dogs than my kids, and I suck at staying in touch – like, really suck. Summer is my favorite season and hoodies are my favorite accessory.

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